Friday, 7 November 2008

Meet the Makers - Nic Dyche of TwigArt

TwigArt represents all the crafts that I enjoy and practice.

I first started in crafts through painting (mainly Oil and Acrylic) and got hooked! Most of the work I do now concentrates on small inks drawings, stained glass, silversmithing and photography although I'm still partial to flicking a bit of the oil paint around when the inspiration takes me.

Recently the greater emphasise has been on the stained glass, designing panels to create individual pieces. I especially love glass because each piece is so different in quality and character to the next and I love seeing how these come together.

I often try to mix media to bring in unexpected elements, playing on texture and quality as much as expectation. Some of the glass pieces will reflect this to greater and lesser degrees but it is something that I employ more regularly on my paintings.

Photography is a renewed interest (having studied it many years ago) and supports my love of travel. Many of the images come from day trips out in the UK or longer trips to Europe and America.

Although I largely create pieces through the images and colours found on my travels I am happy to undertake commissioned pieces.