Saturday, 27 September 2008

Flyers now available

I had a lovely surprise this morning when a big box of 2000 flyers was delivered about 4 days sooner than expected.

They look fabulous, all shiny and bright – hopefully they’ll do their job and get people coming through the door. All we need to do with them now is get them into locations where people are likely to pick them up. This afternoon I’ll be doing a quick round of Banbury – coffee shops, The Mill arts centre, the library etc! I might duck out to some of the Cotswolds villages tomorrow...

If you know of somewhere that we should leave some flyers or display a poster then please let us know, or ask us to send some out to you... you can contact us at


kim* said...

nov 9th is my bday! remember me there. :)

Half an Acre said...

can i be nosy and ask where you got your flyers printed?