Thursday, 11 September 2008

Promotional Bags - Update

With just under two months to go until Handm@de things are beginning to get even busier behind the scenes. For the last few weeks Katie, our promo goodies' wrangler has been seeing less of her living room as more and more fabulous items have poured in. And yesterday Becci(MomentsByMartha), Jane (Lovealittle) and myself with baby in tow descended upon her flat for a busy day of sorting out the promotional bags.

Here, we had all the excitement of seeing what's been sent in so far!
Stuff ready for stuffing!

Every one had a job, even the little ones... Here is Amelia seeing how many bags I had tagged...
Lia going for the bags!

And Ramsey making sure that Becci's hole punching was up to snuff!
Becci and Ramsey punching holes

And here are the completed bags, there are alot of them! Each one filled with great promo items, business cards, flyers and coupons!
Completed bags!

But don't worry if you haven't yet sent anything, we are still accepting items to go in the bags! Just pop on over to the Flickr Group to get the low down on sending your items.

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