Thursday, 23 October 2008

Gift Ideas – the extras!

As the first in the series of Gift Ideas I thought I’d start at the end... with the wrapping, the cards, the tags... all those little bits that go to making the gift look amazing in the days leading up to the unwrapping!

This is my favourite part of Christmas. I really enjoy wrapping presents and the beautification process, getting them to look as good as I can – my family have gotten so used to the ‘faffy’ bits that they’d moan like billy-o if I stopped. But I shan’t. Because I love it.

Having had a look around the shops of our stationers I’ve found some stunning cards, and really can’t wait to see what Christmas offerings they have on November 9th. Bluecricket, CaraJane, JenniferAnn and Paperleaf all sell on etsy (the online marketplace for all things handmade), and make some of the loveliest creations I’ve seen in some time.

White Tree by BlueCricket - $5 each

Happy Birthday Stitched Card with Cupcake Dress by Jennifer Ann Designs - $3.75 each

Watering the Flowers Card by CaraJane - $3 each

Screenprinted Christmas Cards by PaperLeaf - $8 for 5

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Kate said...

Thanks for blogging me!! I agree, pretty wrapping is just as important as the gift inside :-)