Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gift Ideas - Stocking Stuffers, £5 and under

If you’re anything like me then this is about the time of year that you start to look for those small things that will nestle in amongst satsumas, nuts and sugar mice.

I’ve had a quick rummage through the websites of some of our sellers, and found a few items that might be suitable for under £5...

These hairclips by PoorRobin would be stunning on big or little girls!

These “bling” hair bands by SnapDragonBeads are fabulous!

How about a pencil case from YuniSacs – only a little over £5

This gorgeous red brooch by PollysDolly would be an amazing stocking stuffer for my Mum...

...and this ‘outdoors’ soap from PureSoaps would be great for Dad

For little ones, maybe this finger puppet by LoveaLittle would do the job

...or maybe this stuffed toy by Monda - or why not both?

For teenage girls there are always these gorgeous shrink plastic studs by TwinklySpangle (also known as KeepsakeKatie)

If you treat your canine companions to a stocking then why not include one of StitchyWooWoos doggy toys?

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Anonymous said...

That pencil case is so cute!