Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Meet the Makers - Kerry Wilkinson of PennyDog Accessories

Today's Maker in the spotlight is Kerry Wilkinson, a resin artist, whose delightful pieces are rapidly causing her to stand out. She donates a portion of all her sales to the Retired Greyhound Trust, so not only are you supporting local, handmade work but also lovely retired dogs. You can visit her site at

I'm Kerry, I'm 22 and originally from Hull, though I now live and work in Leicestershire with my partner Alex and our dog Penny. I am constantly making new resin pieces and a few plastic, with a view to expanding to felt, acrylic and aluminium mediums when time allows!

I know there are several resin artists out there, so my main aim is to be different an stand out, creating wearable pieces to suit a wide range of people, even pieces that wouldn't look out of place worn in an office. I also create my own moulds, so I can offer people band rings and make
interesting shapes for pendants, earrings, etc, making it a bit more original!

I have decided recently to write a techniques book with tutorials and top tips that I have learned through experience that no other book currently offers. My proposal is currently under construction, but will keep you posted if you want to know more!

All my pieces are made supporting the Retired Greyhound Trust, which is a charity that has helped my dog when we adopted her. Penny was ten when we decided to give her a home, and as a retired greyhound, she qualified for veterinary treatment through the charity, including dental work, antibiotics and even a spot of cosmetic surgery! We couldn't have afforded the bills on our own, so this is my way of repaying them! I am also featured on their website, which I am very grateful for.